Why does cheating culture even exist (it’s not cool, so stop it)

Ok, so to start off no I do not have any personal experience with this subject nor do I wish to. But this is a thing that I have noticed throughout alot of people my age thus I feel the need to address it.


So much like with any other thing teenagers seem to struggle with commitment. Seemingly of any kind due to the fact that I myself have issues following through on plans. But let’s be honest here kids, a relationship is not like going to your friend’s house to play pool. This is something that is more than just a commitment, rather its more or less a life choice. By dating a person you are saying “Hey, I really love this person and I would not mind being with them”. You are not only showing one person, but also everyone else around you that you are committed and wish to be that way. No one can make you be like that other than yourself, it’s your choice to be in that relationship and in my opinion you should stick to it. This is not just something you can blow off.

Case in point I know many people who are in relationships and all of them are faithful. But here’s the thing also, I also know a lot of people who bounce from person to person on a whim because they get bored with their partner extremely quickly. Often times they are starting a relationship with another person while they are still in the other one. And or they bounce back and forth between the two people. And people like this really get me angry especially when they brag about it. I have no idea what’s cool about being an unfaithful sack of human scum but I have no respect for people who praise this sort of behavior. Sex and affection is something earned by being with one person so long that they truly trust you with their body. If the person does not give it to you right away, don’t decide that you’re going to move on to the next unsuspecting individual. Like with most things give it time; and to be honest, sex is not all there is in a relationship anyway. Its all about trust and understanding the other person and creating a meaningful bond with them. You can’t do that if you constantly cheat or jump from person to person. If there is an issue in the relationship, talk about it! Dont just go cheat on your significant other. Either work it out, or leave. Use your words. This is not hard.


Factory model education is dead, along with the Prussian empire.

Holy crap do I have a giant shpeal for you today, and its all about how the US education system is fundamentally broken and outdated. Its also about how it fucked me over as a student, along with thousands of others just like me and here is why.


So let’s start with the origin of the current US education system. Where did it come from? Well, it originated from Prussia the late 18th to early 19th century. Its purpose was to give equal opportunity for children to receive an education but it also created very docile factory workers, subordinate citizens, and obedient soldiers. In short, it was created as a way to control the population and make them into disciplined citizens. Children under this system were taught in a very standardized and ‘factory like’ way. An example of which can be shown here.

Image result for the prussian education system

Related image

This way of teaching in short beats all the creativity and free thinking out of the child in favor of an easily molded blank mind that can be trained to do any mundane task you give them. Thinking outside of the box or what is taught is generally heavily discouraged and can be a punishable offense like in the case of developing an opinion. School was and still is supposed to prepare children for the future. And so far all it has done is created millions of factory workers who will have issues getting a job due to the fact that companies want innovators, not mindless work drones.

The modern school also forces way too much stress on a child in the sense of all the homework along with common core which was introduced when I was 7. I can talk from personal experience because unlike most adults talking about the issue I lived it and I’m still currently living it. And let me tell you parents, teachers, and school administrators you have fucked us up bad with this common core thing. I remember vividly having to take these multiplication tests every week. Maybe… 4 or 5 at a time. If I got one question wrong my test would get an F and I would have to do it all again. This was back in 2nd grade. 40 homework questions a night for math alone. I’m not even taking into account the work I had in my English class, Religion because catholic school, Science, and reading which was its own stand-alone class for a while. Heck, we even had a class devoted to cursive that was to me a huge waste of time. I fell behind heavily on math because I never had enough time to complete the homework and as a result of this I was at a 2nd-grade math level up until the middle of 7th grade.

Common core put me really behind due to the fact that it was extremely fast paced. It also made me fear school due to how failure was handled by the teachers. Because you see, when we failed the teacher made a really big deal about it to the class. Public shaming and all. But did any of this help me? No, not really. We were fortunate enough to have art, gym, and music once a week. But some schools either due to time or funding did not have these things so the programs were cut entirely. No exercise, short lunches, then it was all forced factory learning from that point. Kids like me who learn differently are kicked to the curb and let slip through the cracks so that only the ones whose minds can be molded like clay remain. And then, in reality, all of us are screwed over due to the fact that in school we were never taught about the real world. A lot of us have never had Sex Ed, basic financing, home skills, how to get a job, basic study skills, and how to form and maintain basic relationships.

School is meant to prepare us students for life and I’m not sure forcing us to take standardized tests all about meaningless trivia is not going to cut it. At this point, companies are looking for creatives and innovators instead of mindless assembly line drones. And even then assembly lines are dying out in favor of a more mechanized alternative. Robots do not require pay, nor do they require healthcare like humans do plus they work more effectively at mass producing goods. So at this point not only is the US education system outdated, it’s putting our kids at a disadvantage.

Education was supposed to be the great equalizer but in reality, it both does that and fails at doing that. The funding and quality of our schools range greatly but most public schools fail to meet a lot of basic standards for our broken system. The area that the school is in determines its quality thus putting underprivileged kids in a bad spot. But as well, in the system, all students are made to be just factory cutouts of the perfect obedient slave to US industry. No creativity, no breaks, and no freedom.

The Prussian Empire has fallen. So with this said why are we still using their system now when there are so many better alternatives. Kids need more engaging and interactive environments. They need low pressure and stress at school and less than 30 minutes of homework a night. Because let’s be real here, are we creating the future generation of innovators and great minds, or are we creating a society heavily burdened by mental illness and lack of coping skills?


Us students demand reform, us students demand respect, us students want to be able to learn at OUR OWN PACE. We are not a cog in your corporate machine; we are human

Things you don’t do when you have kids

  1. Go out and drink large amounts of alcohol
  2. Blame your life problems on your child
  3. Tell your child that they are going to be failures in life
  4. Try to drop your child out of high school
  5. Go out on the weekends and come home drunk
  6. Ignore your child
  7. Say racist, homophobic, transphobic, and xenophobic things around your kids
  8. Say inappropriate things to your child’s significant other, or their family
  9. Give trump more respect than your own child
  10. Scream at your child for minor things
  11. threaten your child when they frustrate you
  12. ignore them in favor of your phone

How not to raise a kid

Oh my god

Generally, I do not have a problem with a parent bringing their small child places. Its to be expected. But some places are just not kid friendly; this mixed with overall lack of parenting is the reason why I tend to dislike when parents bring kids to my work.

So I work at a local art museum as a door greeter. My job is to give the visitors maps and tell them about our newest exhibit. Keep in mind that I am not paid for doing this, rather I get service hours for my school instead. I have to have 25 by the end of the year and along with the discounts and benefits I get at the museum I like my job a lot. But some days we get these large families who come in with several small children who seem to like to run and touch things.  As I stand by the door greeting our visitors and giving them useful information I also have to keep an eye out on these kids. There is one alarmed door that all of them seem to gravitate too. Its a fire exit. So from time to time, we get these obvious parents who do not watch their children and those 1-8-year-olds tend to make a beeline for that door. I have no idea what it is but they just love to pull on it and set off the alarm. Luckily, nothing happens in regards to the fire system put in place (aka it’s not turned on) but a loud alarm goes off that is the equivalent of ear rape. Sometimes I wonder how I’m not def.
Even when I’m just walking around the museum when it’s not busy we still get these types of people. Only now these kids want to touch the paintings or step on the floor sculptures. The docents who also work there with me do a very good job of keeping these kids from touching or even breaking these multimillion dollar pieces, but it is truly the parents who are the problem.

For example, I went in one day when I was not working to look at a quilt exhibit that has quilts from 200+ years ago. They are not behind glass but there are signs everywhere saying “DO NOT TOUCH” on them. But at this same time, I see this family of like 5 go into the room and start reaching out to touch these old quilts. Having worked at a quilt show and a museum I can tell you in pretty great detail why touching any form of art is a bad idea without gloves. You see there is oil and crap on your hands right? It’s just your natural skin oils and whatnot but those can actually break down paint and fabric if they are exposed to them enough. At the meuseam, I work at they are so kind as to give you an example my having these little displays with 2 brass doorknobs in almost every gallery. One is inside of a clear box and the other one you can touch. The one in the box looks new and shiny (fresh out of the factory) while the one outside of the box looks old and dull because it has been touched so many times.

So getting back to my point so this family walks in there and starts touching these old quilts. What I’m assuming was the father even encouraged his small child to reach out and touch it. I acted fast and pointed out the “do not touch” sign and I even was kind enough to explain to them the doorknob example. I then found a docent and told them about the thing due to my fear of it happening again. This is not the worst parenting I’ve seen, however. Oh no, it gets worse

So I was at a church for a non-religious extracurricular activity (ironically enough) and the activity that I’m in spans across K-12. So this mother and her two kids along with myself and maybe 10-12 other people were there. The younger child of this woman seemed to lack any sense of discipline whatsoever. She was extremely disrespectful to her mother and seemed to have a god complex which I do not expect from a 9-year-old. Now, this kids mother is nice, but this young child is not. She tends to throw small temper tantrums when things do not go her way and tries to impress the older kids (like myself) by being as rude and bratty as possible. We were outside cleaning up garbage on the church grounds when she had a small fit because “she could not play on the playground, she had to work”. But then she (being the small child) got the idea to climb a metal cross located in the back of the church and swing around on it sort of like a stripper. How she knew how to do the things she was doing I have no idea, but you do not just go around and desecrate religious symbols. I do not care if you believe in it or not, that is just something you DO NOT do. And the fact that I, an almost 16-year-old who had to stop this child from doing that is just astounding. But even then, why was this kid doing that in the first place? In what world was she taught this was ok behavior I have no idea.

Parents here is a protip: Actually watch your kids, and raise them to know right from wrong. Don’t leave it on other people to do.

Medieval paintings

OK, so I’m extremely bored so I figured hey, let’s talk about weird medieval baby paintings along with the other messed up art from back in the day. It’s not like I post enough weird stuff on this blog already; so anyway let’s begin.


I want you to look at this image and tell me that this baby does not look like it has 3 kids and a mortgage.

Image result for medieval baby paintings

This, this is just horrifying. I mean yeah many artists had no idea how anatomy and proportions worked but…in what way is this pleasant to look at? It looks like a tiny naked man wearing a bedsheet slapping the Virgin Mary for some unknown reason. I would like to think that the artists made them like this on purpose just to mess with people. I know via my schooling that they were made this way because of the lack of perspective, as well as to make them look divine but… It more or less makes them look more creepy than godly.

Image result for medieval paintings  Image result for medieval paintings

Then you got these things which look they wandered into a nuclear reactor. I have no idea why but medieval painters seem to really hate cats or are just bad at painting them. I think it is the latter honestly. Just look at these faces… In what way are these normal feline proportions.  But I guess that’s the beauty of looking at something that was made in a time where art was subjectively horrible.

Image result for medieval paintingsImage result for medieval paintingsImage result for weird medieval paintingsImage result for weird medieval paintings

And then you have these monstrocities that serve little to no purpous what so ever. What poing was there to paining these? We will never know.

I’m no longer me

Look, not everyone is happy nor will everyone be happy in the long run. Depression is ingrained into our minds by a government who cares not for our well being. Long work shifts, too much school work wearing down every day on our brains, and an increasingly divided country, and lack of coping skills taught anywhere all lead to this affliction. I don’t want to live like this anymore. Heck, I feel like a weight is dragging me down every day deeper and deeper into a hole. There is no way out a lot of the time. Most of the time you just wait till someone throws down a rope for you to climb out of, or you just get consumed by the darkness after a while. This darkness distorts all my opinions into this unhelpful mess of terrible. It makes me think that everyone hates me, my boyfriend will leave me for someone better, or better yet that my friends with this same affliction will harm themselves and I cannot stop it. It makes me think what point is there to going on with school or what point is there to even get up in the morning. Why the hell should I care? I feel helpless, more or less like a waste of human energy. I’m afraid and sad, and It’s hard to even think with all of that clogged up inside of you every day.

Looking through life via a fogged and warped lens is not how I like to live. I don’t want to be sad anymore, I don’t want to see my friends suffer anymore, I just want to be free from this illness and I know that death nor medication will do that for me. My brain seems to be in constant limbo; one moment it’s all sunshine and rainbows but then BOOM, like that I’m back in the hole. I have no idea why this happens, or how. But at this point, I have grown resilient and copied to some amounts of success.

 I bet you are concerned now, am i correct? I bet you’re wondering if I am unstable or even suicidal at this point, and my answer to that is no. I live in this hole a lot of the time, but I can still see my way out of it with enough time. I cannot say the same for other people in my position but I, for the most part, am not like other people. I can fake a smile, or hold back tears, but sometimes I just need a break.

I want to be able to talk to my friends how we use to back in the summer. It was all just fun and smiles then. I just want school to stop. I don’t want to learn quantum mechanics nor do I even want to learn another language. I don’t want to be sitting here writing my feelings for an assignment that someone is going to grade,  I don’t want to get up at 6AM and go to bed at 1AM. I don’t want to be forced to learn about a faith I do not believe in, and I could care less about math or what the Romans did in 12AD. I don’t like sitting in a room with 12 other kids I do not talk to while they have fun and I don’t, and I don’t want to be defined and thought of as a fucking number. I am not a 2.5 or a 4.0, I am a person. This person just wants to be free from that. I just want to get better, not try to push myself to unreasonable extremes in order to please my parents who only care when that number is a 3.0 or above. I want to see my boyfriends smile again like before he was not taken like me by depression and turned distant, I want to go on 4-hour long gaming sessions with my close friends and laugh with them every second of those 4 hours. I want to go outside and explore the woods and have enough time afterwards to watch a movie. I want to have time to interact with my geckos and my dog for more than just 20 minutes. I want to have sleep again. I want my old life back.

But alas, I must wait again once more. I must wait in that hole where I reside now for a light to shine down upon me and deliver me from the darkness that consumes me. But at this point, I’m willing to wait.