Why Anti-vaxxers are stupid

Hello internet, today I got several vaccinations so I figured “Hey lets talk about people who think vaccines cause autism and completely destroy their arguments”. So that’s what we are gonna do today.

So a majority of my points will be based on videos made by Jeff Holiday on the same subject. This man is a youtuber I happen to watch who points out flaws and debunks pseudoscience. I have seen his videos before and just watched them for fun considering I myself am a science kid and like seeing stupid peoples arguments get destroyed. But as of recently I have seen the anti-vaccination movement gain momentum and to me, this is concerning. You see as Jeff Holiday and many other people have pointed out; Vaccinations are necessary for developing immunity to diseases that are fatal to anyone ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. But before I, a 15-year-old high school student does to debunk their argument; let’s look at the background of the man that created this movement.

Andrew Wakefield WAS a doctor from the UK who formerly worked as a gastroenterologist. For all who are unaware of that what is its a doctor that deals with the intestines, and surrounding organs. He, in short, had a patient who happened to be an autistic child who was experiencing gastrointestinal problems. He made the assumption that the intestinal problems were attributed to the child’s autism and decided to perform a colonoscopy on this young child to prove that there was a connection. He has done this 10+ times to many different children and even ordered lumbar punctures (a spinal tap) on these children to see if their autism was caused by any sort of physical problem. Somewhere within this time period this man thought that the MMR vaccine was to blame hence where the movement was born. Due to his practices of preforming needless medical procedures in the name of “research” his medical license was taken from him. And even then, there where only 12 subjects in most of these trials; you can not get a clear and accurate number from such a small sample size. Also, it was found at the medical records of these children where fraudulent so keep that in mind.

Lets go onto what Autism is, what is it really? According to the American psychiatric association is “ a complex developmental condition that involves  persistent challenges  in social interaction, speech and nonverbal communication, and restricted/repetitive behaviors. The effects of  ASD and the severity of symptoms are different in each person.”  Autism is thought to be genetic as well and or caused by a pregnant mother contracting rubella or other viruses. In short its coded into the brain very young but can show symptoms later on in life.

Now lets get into why not vaccinating your child is a stupid idea. For one, vaccinations are meant to protect your children from deadly pathogens. They help you and your child develop antibodies against those pathogens so that you do not get sick. Most of the pathogens are dead and or just parts of them. And in some cases others are still alive but are weakened substantially so that they pose no threat. Either way in these both of these cases vaccines are cannot get you sick. However some people cannot take vaccines due to serious medical conditions and or a allergy to the vaccine in question. These people are aloud not to receive them but due to this as well these people must also be cautious not to contract the disease that the vaccine covers.

When you do not vaccinate your child you put them at risk for getting seriously ill or even dying due to a completely preventable pathogen. As well; you create a public health hazard because once you or your child is sick, these things spread to other unvaccinated people. Some of these diseases can cause death (like meningitis which causes swelling of the spinal cord and the brain) as well as infect other people fast via the air, skin to skin contact, blood, vomit, and or transfer via surfaces. Vaccines are the best way (along with regular medical care and hygiene) to protect your children from these highly infective pathogens.

What about the Polio argument? Well Polio for all who do not know is a diseases that causes loss of muscle, and paralysis along with the rapid wasting away of the body and destruction of the nervous system. I’ve seen Anti-vaxxers make the argument that the Polio is harmless and the paralysis syndrome is caused by something like weed killer or chemicals. They also make the argument that people still come into the hospital with paralysis thus Polio was not irradiated by the vaccine. FIRST OFF Polio has been eradicated in the USA as of 1993 due to the development of a vaccine that was used to fight against it. Secondly paralysis is a symptom of several pathogens that primarily attack the nervous system. Guillain-Barre syndrome (an auto-immune disorder), cerebral palsy (caused by brain damage at birth) MS (an auto-immune disorder), blunt force trauma to the spine and or brain, Tetanus (a bacterial infection), and brain tumors ALL can lead to paralysis. This is not a polio exclusive thing.

And lastly stop playing the game of loose association. I can make a comparison between any two things you want if you give me long enough. LOOK AT YOUR FACTS before you believe some guy who lost his medical license. How about looking at large medical studies done by several credible doctors and organizations before you decide to put your faith in someone who is a laughing stock of the medical world. Learn about your body and how it works, learn how pathogens work, look at the unbiased history of the vaccine, and then see if you still want to withhold your child from life saving vaccines. You fail to see that you are causing a public health hazard by refusing to vaccinate your children. What about those children who cant get vaccinated due to a serious medical condition. Your risk infecting them due to your lack of trust in actual science. Have a problem with this argument? Ill be glad to take you up on a debate.


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